Washable paper? Vegan leather? Excuse me?!

SnapPap - the trend material, is a washable paper that can be processed in many different ways: You can sew it, plot it, glue it, print it with ink or flex foil, paint it, stamp it, emboss it, die-cut it and ink it.

The processing

For cutting you can use the scissors (but please not the good fabric scissors) or the rotary cutter. You don't have to clean it because it doesn't fray. It can be sewn very easily with the sewing machine or overlock (fold away the knife!). The stitch length should not be too short (no shorter than 3.0 or 3.5) and it should not be sewn too close to the edge to avoid perforation.


After washing in the washing machine at max. 60 degrees it gets its leather look, which is why it is also called vegan (i.e. without animal products) leather. By the way, it is also suitable for tumble drying. Washing recommendation of the manufacturer: at 40 degrees and with normal detergent (powder or liquid) without fabric softener. Here you can see the leather look: right before washing and left after washing.


SnapPap is suitable for bags, laptop cases, purses, applications, eyelet reinforcement, cord ends, your own label and much more. Since the material does not fray, you can also cut very thin stripes. These are absolutely stable and tearproof. Therefore it is also the perfect material for webbing, jewellery etc. Sewing together with other materials such as jeans and cotton is also wonderful.

Now in our shop under Sewing accessories!

You realize: There are almost no limits to your creativity! Have you become curious? Then try it out right away!

You will find SnapPap in the colours stone (light grey), chocolate (dark brown), light brown and black in our shop at Sewing accessories.

The pictures were partly sent to us by Ma petite page , Schneiderei.Blume, Stefanie O. and Womsie gewerkelt provided. Many thanks for that!

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