A great gift idea or for self use!

Continuous zippers are practical. You always get the desired length and you save money compared to finished zippers!

If only the threading of the slider or zipper was not there. Often one side gets stuck and it quickly becomes clear: Actually a third hand is missing or ... a threader!

Now in the shop at Sewing accessories!

DAS ORIGINAL von himmelrosa in lovingly handmade and 100% Made in Germany!

Completely made of metal, the threader is attached to the table with a screw clamp. Of course, the screw clamp is padded on the top of the table and does not scratch the table. Due to the integrated turning mechanism, the most common endless zipper sizes (approx. 3-6 mm) can easily be equipped with a slider or zipper, without the threading aid moving, bending or simply not fitting in contrast to the Wonder Zip.

An illustrated quick guide is included with the threading aid so that you know which slider or zipper is inserted on which side.

Pattydoo hats tried: https://www.instagram.com/p/BB7c8ETv7Ze/

Try it out, too. It's very simple!

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